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Retronix Job Vacancy - Debug/Test Technician

- Apr 26, 2017

£3.8m boost to Scottish Electronics industry – Retronix to create 10 new jobs

- Feb 22, 2017

Retronix's Italian Partner I-Tronik have organised a workshop / conference. Click here for more details. 

- Feb 16, 2017

Essentially by pre-tinning you are adding a layer of protection to a component. But there is so much more to it than that…! 

- Nov 18, 2016

Congratulations to Chris, Martin, Alan, Karen & Nicholas in passing your AS9100 Internal Auditors Course

- Nov 9, 2016

The general consensus nowadays is that PCBs need to be clean, but for RF or Microwave enabled circuits, this becomes even more crucial due to the complexity of the design, the fact that they tend to be heavily populated and the kind of components used on RF assemblies.

- Oct 27, 2016

Defence & Aerospace RoadshowRetronix are visiting 12 Defence and Aerospace companies this September, offering innovative solutions for the Electronics Industry.

- Aug 23, 2016

After Martin-Baker made a visit to our facility, Retronix achieved Approved Vendor Status. 

- Aug 16, 2016

Micro Coil SpringsCurrent aerospace avionic designs routinely use integrated circuits packaged in BGA format. Unfortunately, the BGA package trades the compliance of leads for the quantity of noncompliant solder balls, which under thermal cyclic loading, severely limits the life of the solder joints.

- Jul 11, 2016

Save the Date 11-12 July, Tel AvivRetronix introduce industry leading Hi-Reliability IC/PCBA Solutions to Israel!  Save the date for a Technical Seminar at Tel Aviv on the 11th/12th July, 2016   

- Jun 28, 2016